Senate Bill 275 has made the arduous journey through the Senate, and House of Representatives. It has one final stop, the Governor's office.

As a body artist or body art collector, do you want barbers and cosmetologists to continue to oversee tattooing or those who practice it?
Their art is different, they cut hair and nails. Tattoo artists cut flesh. We need those who practice the craft of tattooing to be in charge of its proper regulations.
The solution is SB 275. Call 505-476-2200 and make your opinion heard.

Please make the call and fill out the form here. Put in the comments "I support SB 275"

Archetype Dermigraphic Studio is all about promoting a high ethical standard and a sense of commity and brotherhood for those who are in the tattoo industry for the right reasons. Not only a tattoo studio, but a place for artists of all mediums to glean knowledge from one another and to inspire each other to branch out and tap into new veins of thought. Art is for sharing, not only imagery, but reaches to the gut and root of human experience. We invite all those who love art. Whether you produce it, like to look at it, or love to wear it, Archetype is the place where it all intersects. A little for every taste, if you will. Please join us!

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